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Election 2020: How To Use The KPBS Voter Guide

How to use the voter guide - browse candidates

With vote by mail ballots already in the hands of registered voters, it's time for you, the San Diego voter, to get up to date for the primary election coming up on Tuesday, March 3rd.

Click Here To Use KPBS Voter Guide

KPBS has created an online voter guide to help you make sense of your ballot. It has information about your polling location, where candidates stand on important issues and what proposition 13 and different measures aim to change.


Here are step-by-step instructions on how to navigate the voter guide:

– First, enter your email and your address.

– Since this is a primary election, you will need to select your party preference.

– Browse candidates and add them to your ballot. Tip! The voter guide lets you save your selections.

– Print or email your ballot, and bring it with you to the polls.


– Find your polling place.

For a closer look, watch this tutorial:

VIDEO: Election 2020: How To Use The KPBS Voter Guide