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LATEST UPDATES: Tracking COVID-19 | Racial Justice | Election 2020

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Tuesday, Nov. 3 is Election Day! KPBS Voter Guide coming soon, available October 5

Here are some key deadlines:

Nation's Largest Business Lobby Backs Vulnerable Democrats For Reelection

Sept. 19
Susan Davis / NPR

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has endorsed 30 House Democrats for reelection, the highest number of Democrats to earn the business lobby's support in at least a decade.

Poll: Climate Becomes Top Priority For Democrats; Trump Struggles On Race, COVID-19

Sept. 19
Domenico Montanaro / NPR

President Trump's handling of coronavirus pandemic and race relations are weighing down his reelection campaign. He continues, however, to have an advantage on the economy.

Listen, Open Up, Connect: A Mental Health Expert's Advice On Living Through A Crisis

Sept. 19
Graison Dangor / NPR

Decades of living with bipolar disorder was "training" for the coronavirus pandemic, says Terri Cheney, whose new book shares lessons for navigating mental illness — and the times we live in.

President Donald Trump speaks to reporters as h...

Roundtable: A Challenging Year For Media

Sept. 18
By Bennett Lacy, Mark Sauer

2020 poses a gauntlet of challenges for journalists and the news industry, a student journalist's perspective on the COVID-19 situation at San Diego State University, and California's huge investment in firefighting aircraft.

President Donald Trump listens as Mexican Presi...

Is President Donald Trump Pushing Expats In Mexico To Vote?

Sept. 17
Rodrigo Cervantes / Fronteras

As Nov. 3 nears, many are casting their votes by mail. Among them are many U.S. immigrants, living in Mexico. And their expectations for this year's election are high, as either the reelection or the exit of President Donald Trump brings a new wave of voters.

In this Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2020, file photo, a p...

Federal Judge Blocks Postal Service Changes That Slowed Mail

Sept. 17
Gene Johnson / Associated Press

A U.S. judge blocked controversial Postal Service changes that have slowed mail nationwide, calling them “a politically motivated attack on the efficiency of the Postal Service” before the November election.

In this March 3, 2020 file photo, a woman runs ...

Survey Shows Support, Opposition To Efforts To Reform Prop. 13 And Bring Back Affirmative Action

Sept. 17
By Tom Fudge

Key findings from a statewide survey by the Public Policy Institute of California show Californians are divided on reforming Proposition 13, and so far they don't favor bringing affirmative action back to California.

The Pechanga Arena in the Midway District is se...

Mayor Faulconer Endorses Measure E To Repeal Midway Height Limit

Sept. 14
By Andrew Bowen

The measure to allow buildings taller than 30 feet in Midway has also been endorsed by both the Democratic and Republican parties of San Diego County.

President Donald Trump speaks to reporters as h...

Trump Spurns Science On Climate: 'Don't Think Science Knows'

Sept. 14
Will Weissert, Aamer Madhani, Jonathan Lemire and Ellen Knickmeyer / Associated Press

With the smell of California wildfires in the air, President Donald Trump on Monday ignored the scientific consensus that climate change is playing a central role in West Coast infernos. He reiterated his unfounded claim that poor forest management is to blame.

Voter registration forms marked with Common Sen...

New Political Party That Enlisted Voters Without Their Consent Is Now Suing State To Get On Ballot

Sept. 14
By Claire Trageser

California’s Common Sense Party, which KPBS found was signing up voters without their knowledge or consent, is now suing the state to get on the ballot, even though it hasn't collected enough signatures.

Republicans Are Knocking On Doors. Democrats Aren't. Biden's Campaign Says That's OK

Sept. 13
Asma Khalid / NPR

The big unknown for Democrats is whether organizing from your laptop is just as effective as pounding the pavement.

Twitter And Facebook Flag Trump's Mail-In Voting Post for Platform Violations

Sept. 12
Christianna Silva / NPR

The post encourages voters to go to their polling place in person to check that their mail-in ballot was counted, which election officials say is unnecessary and could cause crowding at polling sites.

Will 2020 Be The Year Of The Young Voter?

Sept. 12
Barbara Sprunt / NPR

For decades, turnout among young voters has trailed far behind that of older voters. But could renewed efforts to reach this demographic result in record-level turnouts?

101 Ash Street in Downtown San Diego. Aug. 21, ...

NBC7 Admits Story On 101 Ash Street Was Based On Forged Document

Sept. 11
By Andrew Bowen

The local news station retracted a story that claimed investigators were reviewing Assemblymember Todd Gloria's role in a troubled city real estate deal. Gloria, who is running for mayor, said someone carried out a smear campaign against him.

A sign leading onto San Diego State University ...

Roundtable: SDSU Sees Spike In COVID-19 Cases

Sept. 11
By Bennett Lacy

San Diego State University pauses in-person classes amid a surge in COVID-19 cases among students, San Diego takes steps to help hotel workers reclaim lost jobs, and the tight race for congress in east county.

Rep. Mike Levin of California's 49th Congressio...

GOP Targets Democratic-Run California In Election Gamble

Sept. 9
Michael R. Blood / Associated Press

Republicans across California are hoping to gain ground in November elections by targeting the state's dominant Democratic leadership. But the strategy remains a gamble.

A mail-in ballot, envelope and the

San Diego County Releases Tool For Voters To Track Their Ballots

Sept. 9
By City News Service

The San Diego County Registrar of Voters announced a new tool Tuesday for registered voters to track the status of their ballots for the Nov. 3 election.

In this April 1, 2020, file photo, people walk ...

For Latinos Ineligible To Vote, US Census Offers Path To Political Power

Sept. 7
By Max Rivlin-Nadler

The instability wrought by the pandemic could lead to census counts of historically undercounted Latino communities. Organizers are racing to get people to fill it out before the Sept. 30 deadline.

San Diego mayoral candidates Barbara Bry and To...

Roundtable: A Snapshot Of San Diego's Mayoral Race

Sept. 4
By Bennett Lacy, Mark Sauer

A new poll shows a tight race between the two candidates for San Diego Mayor, time is running out to complete the 2020 Census, and more people in San Diego County are dying at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Facebook Clamps Down On Posts, Ads That Could Undermine U.S. Presidential Election

Sept. 3
Bill Chappell / NPR

"We're increasingly seeing attempts to undermine the legitimacy of our elections from within our own borders," Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says.

Amid Struggle To Protect 2020 Election, A 2nd Conflict Rages — Over Transparency

Sept. 3
Philip Ewing / NPR

Two clandestine wars are being fought over U.S. election security: To protect voting and the election but also how much Americans learn about what's being done. Sometimes both break into the open.

College Political Activists Trade Door-Knocking For Apps To Register Voters

Sept. 3
Shannon Bond / NPR

College campuses are traditionally a big venue for voter registration, but during the pandemic, political mobilization efforts are going virtual.

Americans Increasingly Polarized When It Comes To Racial Justice Protests, Poll Finds

Sept. 3
Joel Rose / NPR

More Americans support than oppose recent protests after the shooting in Kenosha, Wis., according to an Ipsos poll. But sharp divisions are emerging along racial and political party lines.

2020 Is The Year Of The Woman Donor: Campaign Contributions Surge

Sept. 3
Jim Zarroli / NPR

The share of female donors has surged to more than 43% this year, and it could make a big difference in some of this year's closest political races.

Biden: Trump 'Can't Stop The Violence Because For Years He Has Fomented It'

Aug. 31
Barbara Sprunt / NPR

Joe Biden forcefully pushes back against President Trump's campaign message that voters wouldn't be safe under a Biden administration.

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