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Arrest of 'El Teo' Gives Hope To Families of Tijuana's Disappeared

Tuesday's arrest of Teodoro Garcia Simental has given hope to the families of hundreds of people who have disappeared in Tijuana during the last many years.

Mexican federal police say Garcia Simental oversaw the work of Santiago Meza Lopez, also known as "El Pozolero".

Pozole is a kind of Mexican stew. Meza Lopez allegedly dissolved bodies in acid. The soupy mix is said to resemble pozole.

Family members of people who have disappeared in Tijuana want federal authorities to show photographs of their loved ones to Garcia Simental, to see if he recognizes any of them and, perhaps, had them dissolved in acid.

Cristina Palacios heads the group of families called the Citizens Association Against Impunity. She says the idea is to end the uncertainty that plagues many relatives of the disappeared.

The group brought photos to federal authorities in Tijuana Tuesday night in the hopes that they'll be sent to Mexico City, where Garcia Simental is in custody.