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Public Safety

Search & Rescue Teams Stand By As Rain Falls

The San Diego County Sheriff's Department has activated search and rescue teams as storms sweep across the county.

Rescue workers milled around Thursday afternoon inside a hanger at Gillespie Airfield in El Cajon. There was a temporary lull in the storm even though forecasts predict more rain to come. Warnings of flash floods and mudslides spell potential danger.

Sergeant Don Parker, with the sheriff's department, has not had to mount any rescues yet. In the meantime, his teams have assisted with traffic and crowd control. He pointed at a board with a current list of assignments.


"At this point these guys are still in Alpine doing traffic control on one side of a downed tree that's into a power line that actually went into a chain-link fence," he said. "And the power is hot, it's still on."

Parker said he expects search and rescue teams to be assembled into the night and the following day, depending on state of the weather.

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