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Child's Body Not One Of The Two Missing Children From Tijuana

Mexican consular officials in San Diego say the child's body found Wednesday afternoon at the border near Border Field State Park is not one of the two Tijuana children who remain missing after last week's rains.

A member of a group called Desert Angels, that searches for missing migrants along the border, came across a small child's body Wednesday afternoon in Goat Canyon.

Border Patrol officials say the body was that of a four year old boy.

Three Tijuana children were swept away one week ago when the car they were riding in with their family was swamped by a torrent of rainwater.

The body of the 10 year old girl was found the same evening. The two other children, a 2 year old boy and a 5 year old girl, are still missing.

Rescue workers suspect last week's swift moving runoff may have carried the bodies across the border. Authorities have searched on both sides.

San Diego Lifeguard Lieutenant Andy Lerum says the bodies may have washed out to sea.

Meanwhile, Mexican consular spokesman Alberto Diaz says he has not received a missing child report from Tijuana that corresponds to the body discovered Wednesday, or any other missing child reports beyond the two for the children carried away by the rains last week.