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Report: 40 Americans Have Trained & Fought With Al Shabaab

Report: 40 Americans Have Trained & Fought With Al Shabaab
The new Congressional report also identifies one of the recruits as a man who lived in San Diego.

A new congressional report says an Al Qaeda-affiliated group in Somalia has recruited more than 40 Americans.

Of the more than three dozen Americans believed to be training or fighting with Al Shabaab in Somalia, 15 have died, according to the House Homeland Security Committee’s report.

At least three of the Americans died in suicide attacks against African security forces. The American Al Shabaab recruits have come from New York, New Jersey, Minnesota and California.

One of the men who was allegedly recruited was San Diegan Jehad Mostafa. He is believed to have been promoted to field commander in the organization.

He was indicted last year on terrorism-related charges. Al Shabab has formed an alliance with Al Qaeda in Yemen, which is led by former La Mesa imam Anwar Al-Awlaki.

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