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Public Safety

FBI Blocks SDSU Grad From Returning Home

The FBI has placed a San Diego State graduate on the no-fly list, blocking his return from Costa Rica, according to his family.

After recently earning his master’s degree in Costa Rica, Kevin Iraniha, a 27-year-old American-born Muslim, was not allowed to fly back home.

He attempted to return to San Diego on Tuesday but was blocked from getting a boarding pass when his name turned up on a no-fly list.


Iraniha was taken to the U.S. Embassy where agents questioned him about his political and religious affiliations, according to his family. Agents did not say why he could not board the plane, his supporters say.

Sadaf T. Hane is Civil Rights Director and attorney for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) in San Diego. She said there is usually no escaping the no-fly list.

“Once they have been put on that list, there is really nothing they can do to be taken off that list,” she said. “There is no guideline or procedure on how to be taken off the list or removed. That stigma is associated with them for the rest of their lives in that community or nationally that they have been on that list whether they are innocent or guilty.”

Hane believes the actions taken against Iraniha are unlawful.

“It is a complete violation of law to deprive a person of that ability to fly," hane said. "Especially when you are not telling him why he is going to be placed on the no-fly list without giving any opportunity, any evidence that the government may or may not have against him,” she said.


Officials told Iraniha he can return to the U.S. by flying to Tijuana and then crossing the border on foot.

He is scheduled on a flight into Tijuana tonight.

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