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Roundtable: Three Progressives Talk Filner; Barrio Logan's New Plan; Dangers Of Assisted Living

Roundtable: Three Progressives Talk Filner; Barrio Logan’s New Plan; Dangers Of Assisted Living
Roundtable: Three Progressives Talk Filner; Barrio Logan's New Plan; Dangers Of Assisted Living
HOSTAlison St. JohnGUESTSDavid Rolland, San Diego CityBeat Sandhya Dirks, KPBS News Deborah Schoch, Center for Health Reporting, USC

Amita Sharma talks with Donna Frye, Marco Gonzalez and Corey Briggs

Monday, September 23

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The Amazing Adventures Of Frye, Briggs And Gonzalez

How and why three progressive San Diego leaders worked to get the city’s progressive mayor out of office could be a tale of intrigue, meticulous planning and double-dealing.

Except it isn't.

The resignation of San Diego Mayor Bob Filner was driven by events, and the actions of former Council Member Donna Frye and attorneys Marco Gonzalez and Corey Briggs were largely reactive until near the end. All along the way the three agonized over what to do and when. CityBeat Editor David Rolland interviewed the trio for six hours.

Starting in February, Frye began hearing that Filner was hitting on women at events he attended as mayor. She resigned as director of open government on March 29, telling Filner's chief of staff that the allegations of sexual harassment had become too many and too serious to ignore.

When Irene McCormack Jackson quit in late June as Filner’s communications director, Frye suggested Gonzalez as her lawyer. Finally someone had come forward; They had proof that the accusations were true.

The trio agonized over whether to demand the resignation of the first progressive mayor San Diego had ever had, a man they had helped put in office. They sent letters to Filner and held the first of two press conferences to demand his resignation.

Barrio Logan Gets New Plan

The San Diego City Council voted 5-4 this week to approve the update to the Barrio Logan Community Plan.

The plan includes a five-block-long commercial buffer zone which separates residential from industrial zones. Barrio Logan is home to much of San Diego's heavy industry, including shipbuilding.

The community plan was a contentious issue because of the mix of uses in the area: residential, commercial and industrial. The key issue was the buffer zone. The new plan calls for commercial use of the zone, but no houses or industry without new permits.

Some said the compromise will cost jobs because the permitting process to build industry in the buffer zone is onerous.

Seniors In Assisted Living Could Be At Risk

This investigative series which appeared in U-T San Diego reveals that hundreds of San Diego County seniors have suffered broken bones, sexual assault, bed sores and assorted other injuries in assisted living facilities.

At least 27 San Diego County seniors have died since 2008 from injuries and neglect suffered in assisted living facilities. (The figure is probably larger, as the California Department of Social Services, or CDSS, doesn't keep records of complaints.) Eighteen of these cases were ruled preventable.

The top fine for causing or hastening a resident’s death in assisted living is $150. (In a nursing home it's $100,000.) Facilities are inspected every five years by the CDSS. Most states inspect every year. The number of complaints is up 13 percent, but the number of penalties fell by 30 percent. CDSS does not make investigations or fines public.

As people live longer and get sicker, more of them are going into assisted living, partly because of nursing home scandals.