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Public Safety

Protesters Rally At County Admin Building To Demand San Diego's Full Reopening

The San Diego County Administration Building downtown is shown in this undated photo.
Alison St John
The San Diego County Administration Building downtown is shown in this undated photo.

Several hundred protesters rallied in front of the San Diego County Administration building Saturday to demand a full reopening of San Diego.

Protesters carried signs such as "Freedom is Essential" and "Stop the California Communist Party."

Organizers who communicated through the "Reopen San Diego" Facebook page stated that the rally was "a peaceful protest to remind the county supervisors they work for us and that we want San Diego County reopened."


The Facebook page also warned attendees: "Violence will not be tolerated. It is strongly recommended that you practice social distancing.

"Our efforts are working ..." the group said. "We must keep the pressure on or San Diego will follow Los Angeles and close until August — unacceptable!"

Speakers at the rally included Roger Hedgecock, former San Diego mayor; Graham Ledger, host of '"The Daily Ledger" on the One America News cable network; San Diego County Supervisor Jim Desmond; Oceanside Councilman Christopher Rodriguez; and Dr. Cordle Williams, Marine veteran, doctor and businessman.

One protester in the crowd asked, "Why is Sacramento telling San Diego what to do?"

Another said, "What we want is for our children to get back to school."

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