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Supervisor Desmond calls for a halt to placing sexually violent predators in San Diego County

With five sexually violent predators placed in homes throughout San Diego county, Supervisor Jim Desmond says policies need to change in housing SVPs.

For the second time in less than six months, Douglas Badger, a convicted sexually violent predator, has been rejected for placement in a San Diego county home.

The California Department of State Hospitals proposed housing Badger in a Rancho Bernardo neighborhood, after Superior Court Judge Theodore Weathers ruled against Badger being placed in a Mount Helix neighborhood in May 2021.


After public outcry in Rancho Bernardo, the owners of the home where he was supposed to stay say he is not welcome.

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While that news is a relief to the community, it's not enough for Desmond. "We are putting forward that we oppose any future placements of sexually violent predators in San Diego County," he said, "until we get to be a part of the process and that we also get a veto vote on anyone placed here at all."

On Tuesday, Desmond plans to introduce a proposal to the Board of Supervisors to make San Diego off-limits for SVP placements until the process is improved.

"People shouldn't have to live in fear, whether they're in the unincorporated areas or urban areas, you should not have to live in fear," he said.


Desmond says residents need to be given more than a 15 day window to respond when the state wants to place an SVP in their community and hearings need to be held closer to the communities involved.

Sup. Desmond calls for a halt to SVP placements in San Diego County

Currently, there is no required SVP placement-related engagement with Planning & Development Services and other County departments.

“We actually take a position of oppose for every sexually violent predator that’s going to be placed in San Diego county,” Desmond said. “I wouldn’t vote to put one next to me. I’m not going to vote to put one next to anyone else.”

KPBS reached out to the California Department of State Hospitals, the agency in charge of housing SVPs, for comment, but so far there has been no response.

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