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Neighbors Seek To Reduce Energy Use, Increase Home Values

San Diego Neighborhood Could Become Model For National Plan

Neighbors Seek To Reduce Energy Use, Increase Home Values
San Diego's Del Cerro neighborhood could serve as a model for a plan to save energy while creating jobs and increasing home values.

Scott Miller is the brains behind the energy efficiency and conservation plan.

He started working on it in early 2009 with the help of engineers, scientists and financial experts.

Miller said the plan's goal is to create jobs, increase home values conserve energy and utilize renewable energy sources.


He said the first step is to perform energy audits on the 2,000 homes in Del Cerro, a hilly neighborhood across I-8 from San Diego State University.

"Once we get all those homes assessed we will be able to go through and find the least-efficient homes with the highest energy usage," said Miller. "Those give you the biggest bang for your buck, those give you the highest return on your investment and quickest payback."

He said there are a variety of rebates and incentives for replacing outdated, or energy-hogging systems.

Miller said the combination of rebates and energy savings cuts the costs to homeowners.

"We feel that when we get these homes rolled up, that when the contractors come out there, start making these retrofits, neighbors will say 'what's going on?' and want to become involved," said Miller.


He said the home energy audits are free. Miller said homeowners just have to fill out a survey.