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Coaster May Extend To Camp Pendleton

Coaster service would have to be improved before CALTRANS could expand I-5 under a bill sponsored by State Senator Chris Kehoe, Democrat from San Diego.
Tom Fudge
A COASTER train is shown Jan. 21, 2011 in San Diego County, Calif.
Coaster May Extend To Camp Pendleton
The North County’s Transit District is considering the feasibility of building a new Coaster train station on Camp Pendleton.

Camp Pendleton Marine base officials approached the North County Transit District with the idea of a Coaster stop on base, and the Transit Board thinks it’s a good one. They will spend $334,000 on a feasibility study to see how much it would cost, and how many passengers are likely to use it.

Camp Pendleton is the largest employer in North County. Approximately 100,000 civilians and military, plus their families, live or work on the base.

North County Transit District spokesman Alex Wiggins said base personnel have an added incentive to use the train.


“We have a number of advantages,”he said.”The Department of Defense offer a transit subsidy, and so both military and civilian officials who use the Coaster will be eligible for transit reimbursement. We think that will definitely spur ridership.”

The Navy reimburses employees up to $230 a month for transit passes.

Wiggins says the Coaster’s maintenance yard is on the base, and building a spur off the main line for a new train stop would be relatively easy. It would be about two miles beyond the Oceanside train station, which is currently the end of the line. He said federal dollars might be forthcoming to help pay for it.

Wiggins said passengers would need the appropriate ID to disembark at the station. The base would handle security.

Camp Pendleton is in the midst of a building boom of hundreds of new homes, barracks, offices and a hospital.

Cooperation Agreement Between Camp Pendleton and NCTD for New Multi-Modal COASTER Station.