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While Winter Storm Hits Eastern U.S., San Diego Flights Delayed, Canceled

As harsh weather blankets the southeast in snow and ice once again, San Diego travelers are likely suffering the consequences. At least eight flights departing from or arriving to San Diego are canceled and more than 20 delayed, according to the San Diego International Airport's website.

However, airport representatives were unable to confirm the flight cancellations and delays were due to the winter weather.

Morning flights to and from Atlanta, San Jose, Tucson and San Francisco were scrapped altogether. One flight arriving from and two heading to Atlanta later in the day were also canceled. The storm is expected to hit Georgia before moving up the East Coast.


Additionally, more than a dozen flights heading to destinations from San Francisco to Kansas City, and a plane to Tokyo, are delayed. Departure times have been pushed back from around 15 minutes to up to two hours.

At least 14 flights arriving to San Diego were also delayed.