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California App Developers Not Complying With Privacy Laws

The California Attorney General’s office is formally notifying mobile application developers and some non-tech companies that they are not in compliance with the state’s privacy laws.

Those laws require companies that collect identifiable personal information from consumers to post a privacy policy. Such a policy must let consumers know how their information would be used by companies and shared.

Travis LeBlanc, Special Assistant Attorney General, said only about seventy-percent of companies are in compliance.


“But there is still a large portion, a lot of respectable companies not just tech companies, but brick and mortar shops that now have apps which are not complying with the online privacy protection act, and we are preparing to enforce the law,” commented LeBlanc.

The Attorney General has sent letters to 100 non-compliant companies and app developers giving them 30 days to post their policies.

Violators can face fines of up to $2,500 each time their app is downloaded.