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San Diego's Top Weekend Arts Events: From Flower Art To Flower Crowns

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This weekend is all about flowers, whether it’s the floral arrangements at Art Alive or the flower crowns at Coachella. Plus NPR’s radio program “From the Top” is in town for a live taping.

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Speaker 1: 00:00 This is KPBS mid day edition. I'm Maureen Cavenaugh. This weekend preview is all about flowers, whether it's the floral arrangements that aren't alive or the flower crowns at Coachella. Joining us with her crown on his KPBS arts calendar editor need a Garren Nina, welcome. Hello. Now aren't alive is one of San Diego's favorite events. Remind us what goes on. It's an annual fundraiser for the San Diego Museum of art and it's where florists re-interpret art from the museum's permanent collection. So there's like a painting and an artist will take flowers to recreate that. Um, the museum is just filled with all kinds of colors and flowers in the rotunda is just a place to hang out all day. It's really beautiful and it all begins tonight with bloom bash. That's a party that's become just as popular as the exhibition, isn't it? Yeah, it's kind of like the it event in San Diego. It's all about fashion.

Speaker 1: 00:56 People really get creative with their outfits. There's a bunch of like food and flower themed cocktail this year. They're saying there's even going to be a Ferris wheel. So it's like the place to be. Now I know there's a full weekend of events planned. What besides bloom bash will people be able to do? So there's the museum store artists and showcase that's at the museum store. You can get jewelry and clothes that are floral themed, uh, for an additional fee you can do a flower crown workshop. And then for kids they always have the garden of activities are alive, is open now and continues through Sunday at the San Diego Museum of art. Today is also the first day of Coachella, the three day music and arts festival that attracts all sorts of celebrities and social media influencers. For those of us who aren't going or maybe have never been, can you set the scene, you know?

Speaker 1: 01:50 Yeah. So it's in the Coachella valley and it's this desert oasis because it's a place where there's grass and colors and art. It's just a weekend filled with music, music on stages intense. Everyone there is beautiful and they're wearing, they're wearing, you know, very stylish, desert inspired, close flower crowns. As we mentioned. It's basically like your picture of southern California. Cool. About 20% of the people go from San Diego. So it's a pretty big deal here. This is Coachella's 20th year. Can you remind us way back when? What would that first event was like? Yeah, it was one weekend in October and the headliners were back. Chemical brothers Mobi, rage against the machine. It didn't do very well. It was actually so bad that they took a year off and then it came back a year later and it didn't become a three day event until 2007. So let's talk about some of the acts performing at this year's festival. Let's begin with the headliners. The headliners tonight is childish Gambino, who is the actor, rapper, writer Donald Glover. His music is just all over the place. It's been R and B hip hop lately. It's been, um, a commentary on the United States and the black experience.

Speaker 2: 03:10 Gotcha, Gotcha. Slip it in when I'm whipping up. This is America. You got just live in, know what? I'm whipping them

Speaker 1: 03:25 also that this year's Coachella tame impala. Yeah, they are headlining on Saturday. They're a psychedelic rock band from Australia and I think they're kind of like the perfect Coachella found track because they're very dreamy. Here's patients by Tame Impala.

Speaker 3: 04:04 Very so cal.

Speaker 1: 04:05 Yeah. What about some of the other acts that you're, are there any that you were excited about? Yes. So Billie Eilish is performing, she is so popular that she sold out her San Diego date almost immediately. She's going to be performing there. There's another band called black pink. They are the first Cape Hop Girl Group to perform at Coachella and I brought a clip of them.

Speaker 3: 04:28 [inaudible]

Speaker 4: 04:49 love Peninnah, but

Speaker 1: 04:57 oh, that's black pink. Um, other groups that I'm looking forward to and not necessarily new. Our [inaudible], they're in Mark Daniel band from Tijuana that's been around since the 80s and they're performing at Coachella. And then there's Janell Monae who like childish Gambino's making really creative and innovative music right now. And then closing on Sunday is Ariana Grande Day, who is basically the biggest name in pop music. I didn't bring a clip because you can just turn it on to any radio station that plays music and you will hear her. So Nina Coachella is all about reunions and surprises. What are people expecting this year? So some of the rumors are that there's a DJ named Dj snake. He has a song on the radio right now called Becky tacky. And so the rumor is that may be one of the voices from that song, Selena Gomez or Cardi B or Nicki Minaj might show up.

Speaker 1: 05:48 Also, childish Gambino did a film with Rihanna. So will she show up and then Weezer they cover a whole bunch of bands and people are saying maybe toto will show up, or Annie Lennox. We don't know. We don't know yet. Yeah. Okay. Can you still get tickets? You can't get tickets for this weekend, but there are tickets available for the second weekend, which is next weekend. And of course there's cow Chella, which is when you watch it on your couch because you can stream it on youtube for free. For more weekend events. Be sure to check Nina Garren KPBS arts editor. Thanks for joining us. Thanks. Have a great weekend.

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