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Worker Safety Concerns As Businesses Reopen, Spotting Child Exploitation Virtually, Imperial County Hospitals Again Accepting COVID-19 Patients And Weekend Preview

 May 21, 2020 at 12:49 PM PDT
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As businesses slowly start to reopen, workers are worried about their safety, especially Latinos, who are disportionately front-line workers. Plus, so many aspects of life moving online, some tips for parents and teachers for spotting and stopping child abuse and exploitation virtually. Also, after not accepting new COVID-19 patients because of a one-day surge, Imperial County hospitals are again taking patients. And, the families of four marines killed in a helicopter crash outside of El Centro are suing the parts suppliers whose parts are implicated in the crash. In addition, Cal State University system is looking at $404 million in cuts as classes move online for the fall semester. Finally, just because you’re still under quarantine, doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the San Diego arts scene. We have a preview for this weekend.