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LATEST UPDATES: Tracking COVID-19 | Vaccines | Racial Justice

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KPBS Midday Edition

KPBS Midday Edition is a daily talk show hosted by Maureen Cavanaugh and Jade Hindmon, keeping San Diegans in the know on everything from politics to the arts.

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Millions In Rent Relief Still Available

There are still millions in rent relief available for county residents and officials are trying to figure out why some renters are not taking advantage of the offer. Plus, the political attitudes toward marijuana have been shifting for years thanks in part through spending on local elections by the cannabis industry. And, this weekend in the arts, new dance film, ... Read more →

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Dems Praise Biden But Urge More Progressive Agenda

President Joe Biden outlined a bold economic agenda during his first major address to Congress, earning praise from fellow Democrats but many in the party are urging the president to pursue more ambitious progressive policies in office. The Republicans, however, attacked Biden’s agenda as too expensive and too socialist. Plus, marine scientists say they have found what they believe to ... Read more →

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County No Longer Requires Appointments For COVID Vaccine

To make the COVID-19 vaccine available to more people and to encourage people to get vaccinated, San Diego County is offering walk-up, no-appointment-needed vaccinations at some of its county-run sites. Plus, San Diego prosecutors want to remove about 350 people who have turned their lives from the gang injunction list that San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria called “outdated” and longer ... Read more →

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CDC: Vaccinated Can Go Outside Without Mask

The CDC updated its guidelines and mask wearing and now says people who are fully vaccinated don't need to wear a mask when they're outdoors, unless they're in a crowd. Plus, organizers of the recall effort against Gov. Gavin Newsom have collected enough valid signatures to qualify for the ballot, California Secretary of State Dr. Shirley Weber announced Monday. Also, ... Read more →

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Chauvin Conviction Underscores Parallels In Death Of Angel Hernandez

The conviction of Derek Chauvin in the murder of George Floyd underscores similarities in the 2019 San Diego death of Angel Hernandez. Also, a new report shows an increase in people experiencing homelessness for the first time. Plus, plans are moving forward to connect San Diego's public transit with the airport. And a new book examines how the death of ... Read more →

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Peace Officers Research Association Hopes For Tangible Reform After Chauvin Trial

As the public continues to focus a critical eye on police departments across the nation, there are at least 10 related bills currently working their way through the California legislature to affect change in policing. Plus, local unions have lobbied lawmakers to grant eligibility to their members, secured separate supplies of vaccines and launched outreach campaigns. And after a year ... Read more →

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The Promise Of Carbon Capture For Addressing Climate Change

Some scientists are now saying the only way to achieve a limit to global temperature rise is to pair emission reduction efforts with a massive investment in carbon capture technology. Plus, with a guilty verdict handed down to Derek Chauvin on all counts in the death of George Floyd, legal experts now are now analyzing what the conviction will mean ... Read more →

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KPBS Midday Edition Special: San Diego Reacts To The Chauvin Trial Verdict

San Diego's community leaders react to what many see as a turning point for equality following guilty verdicts for former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin in the murder of George Floyd.

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$5.5 Million Settlement Reached With Family Of Man Who Died In MTS Custody

The San Diego Metropolitan Transit System announced Monday that a $5.5 million settlement has been reached with the family of man who died after being restrained with knees in his back and on his neck by Transit law enforcement. Plus, two San Diego researchers hope a new peer-reviewed article helps them convince federal officials to change their opinion of how ... Read more →

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For Asian Americans Bearing Racism’s Psychological Toll, Mental Health Experts Have Advice

Asian American mental health care providers in California are seeing an increase in demand for services in the wake of surging anti-Asian hate incidents.