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Introducing 'Only Here'

 March 7, 2019 at 7:42 AM PST

The U S Mexico border is big news these days. Migrants were peaceful here. Gas was launched at a drop is demanding of them goes down. Wow. But this stuff making the news is just part of our story. When two cultures live side by side, when two countries are both separated and colliding at the same time, interesting things happen. Only here is a new KPBS podcast about those things. It's an intimate look at the place where San Diego and the quantum meet personal stories from the people who live here. Stories about the pockets of culture and creativity that come from the tension reverberating around the wall. Only here can you find a musician and composer who's fallen in love with the sound of Spanglish. I went to the agenda to buy Platanos, but yeah, look at that one. That's pretty common. Only here can you find an artist turning vignette does into sculptures that paint a picture of what it's like to live and you're a militarized border. I like the idea of challenging that traditional view of the Pinata because like I said, it's a blank canvas. You can you just so much with it. He can make a Frankenstein drone. Only here can you find an undocumented photographer documenting what it's like to live nearly your whole life in a country without full citizenship. Honestly, like most of us, we have shared that we didn't understand what that meant. You know like we are understanding what it meant to come to the u s and what was I going to look like for us in the future. You know, like it's also crucial that people know that, you know, we don't, we don't, we didn't know. We didn't decide to come here. Only here can you find students crossing an international border every day just to go to school. That understanding of the reality of what classes mean for some people, for us it was definitely a nuisance and was definitely traumatic and has all these other implications for further people. It's life and death. I'm your host. I learned Lillian only here we'll bring you stories you won't find anywhere but a border town. Only here is launching soon. Get it on apple podcasts, Google play, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. We'll be back.

Many things created at the border come from the separation and collision of two cultures. Only Here is a podcast about that stuff — the art, food, traditions and culture that exists because of the border. For many, the border is just a hazy political concept. But for the those of us who live here, the border is a very real place with a distinct culture of its own. This podcast introduces listeners to the human stories and struggles happening at the border, and the beauty and creativity that come from it.