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Conversation: Talking Tacos

 January 29, 2020 at 6:42 AM PST
We’ve got something new for listeners. In addition to our long-form, deep dive episodes, we’re going to try something new by sprinkling in more low-key, casual conversations with interesting people who live cross-border lives. You'll know it's happening when you see the word "conversation" in the title of the episode. To be honest, the highly produced episodes you’re used to hearing take a lot of time. Between field recordings, research, sound design and writing, it’s just a ton of work. We had to come up with a way to give our small team more time between new episodes so we can get even better at telling these longer, more nuanced stories. So that’s why we’re doing these conversations -- to give ourselves the time we need to make the best show possible. So, in this new conversation series, we’re going to talk to creatives, entrepreneurs, influencers- anyone that embodies our binational region and can help us get to know it a little better. We’re going to start this week with the greatest food in the world — tacos. We all love tacos and Tijuana has arguably some of the best in all of Mexico. Scott Koenig is always on the hunt for the best tacos in TJ. He's the writer behind the travel website “A Gringo In Mexico." Koenig has also written a book called “Seven Days in The Valle: Baja California’s Wine Country Cuisine” and he writes columns about food in Baja for several local publications. We talk to Scott about living in the moment, immigration's wonderful effect on food and his outsider's take on tacos in Tijuana. He gives us a quick list of a few good taco shops in Tijuana and the tacos to try at each one. Tacos Birria Martin: Tacos Fitos, Xolotacos Mariscos Walter: Mariscos Ruben, Mariscos Mazateño Tacos Chuy, Tacos El Vaquero, Tacos Don Esteban About the Show: “Only Here” is about the unexplored subcultures, creativity and struggles at the U.S.-Mexico border. The KPBS podcast tells personal stories from people whose lives are shaped by the tension reverberating around the wall. This is a show for border babies, urban explorers or those who wonder what happens when two cultures are both separated and intertwined. Follow Us: Support Us: Give us Feedback: 619-452-0228‬ Photo: Tacos de Birria de Res with Tuetáno (Beef Bone Marrow) at Xolotacos Otay