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Major Change In Who’s Next In Line

 March 26, 2021 at 3:00 AM PDT

Good Morning, I’m Kinsee Morlan in for Annica Colbert….it’s Friday, March 26. >>>> So yeah….Maybe you’ve heard... CALIFORNIA IS GETTING READY TO Expand ITS COVID-19 VACCINATION PROGRAM...big-time... Details soon, but first... let’s do those local headlines…. ###### CALIFORNIA ASSEMBLYMAN ROB BONTA (BAWN-TUH) HAS BEEN CHOSEN BY GOVERNOR GAVIN NEWSOM TO BE THE STATE’S NEXT ATTORNEY GENERAL. Replacing Xavier (Javier) Becerra (Buh-SARA) who is now the US Secretary of Health and Human Services. IF APPROVED, BONTA WILL BE THE FIRST ASIAN-AMERICAN MAN TO OCCUPY THE POSITION - A MILESTONE AMID INCREASED ANTI-ASIAN AMERICAN HATE NATIONWIDE. **** A Marine Corps investigation found last year’s sinking of a seafaring tank off Southern California was caused by human errors and mechanical problems that could have been averted. Nine service members died in that accident. In a report released yesterday, the investigation found contributing factors included the inadequate training of troops, shabby maintenance and poor judgement by commanders. Three commanders were fired as a result. *** The San Dieguito Union high school district is expanding "in-person learning.” It's currently running a hybrid model.. where students can attend in-person 2 days a week... but starting April 12th that will now increase to 4 days.' The school board also decided that for the 21-22 school year, in-person will be five days: Carlsbad Unified has also approved middle and high school students to return 5 days a week starting March 29th. Vista Unified voted to open secondary schools on April 5th for families who want students on campus 5 days a week. KPBS is tracking the reopening of campuses across San Diego County. Just go to KPBS-dot-org, click on the "Tracking Covid-19" tab, then the Schools tab. You'll find a searchable database, updated every week, so you can see your school's plan. **** From KPBS, you’re listening to San Diego News Now. Stay with me for more of the local news you need. <<> ###### <<> If you've been waiting, wondering when it will be your turn to get a Coronavirus vaccine, we have some good news. As KPBS reporter Matt Hoffman tells us…. a major change is being made over who's next in line. Vaccine update EE starting April 1st, all Californians aged 50 and over it will become eligible for vaccinations. Then on April 15th, it extends to everyone 16 and over. So just a few weeks. There'll be no rules, no limitations. As it relates to the ability to get a vaccine and minister, the announcement is coming earlier than expected, especially with recent vaccination supply problems. But the governor says vaccine makers, including Moderna Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson are ahead of schedule or ability. Uh, to do more, has always been constrained by supply manufacturer supply. We have confidence now, the manufactured supply becoming available sooner than we anticipate so much so that the governor made this announcement too right effective today, regardless of your age, regardless of your pre-existing condition. If someone comes in eligible under the existing rules, but with a family member. We will accommodate the family member. No questions asked, some, says, all vaccination sites will have discretion to do that. And it doesn't mean all locations in San Diego can accommodate family members right away. A County spokesperson says it will depend on supply, which has. Been slightly increasing, but only about 10% a week recently reacting to the eligibility expansion, Scripps health CEO, Chris van Gorder says, if there's sufficient supply, then it's a good idea. If not, he's worried about the frustration people will have, who can't find appointments saying in those cases, people are often angry at those delivering vaccines and not those making them. I know folks are frustrated because it's very hard to get a first dose appointment right now. Uh, and so if the tiers are going to be expanded, uh, then it is my hope to supply is going to be significantly expanding as well. Putting up more vaccinations could get the state closer to its goal of delivering 4 million doses in hardest hit communities, County supervisor. Nathan Fletcher says once that happens, our County has a good chance of seeing more restrictions, relaxed in the States, orange reopening tier. It appears that it could, it could technically happen, which would be April 6th, but there's no guarantee. There's some says new variants of the virus spreading in the state mean we cannot let our guard downs, not mission accomplished or not spiking the football. This is not time to take down your guard or literally. As is the case. Take off your mask. President Biden has also signed the save lives act, which allows the VA to provide vaccinations to all veterans, their spouses and caregivers. It's estimated there are more than 200,000 veterans in San Diego County alone. Their numbers are separate from the County ones, which are now showing more than 31% of San Diego in 16 and over have gotten at least one dose while just under 20 are fully vaccinated. *** Unaccompanied children who’ve made the trip to our southern border will start arriving at the San Diego Convention Center this weekend. Adults experiencing homelessness who’ve been staying there have now all been moved to other shelters in the city. Here’s KPBS reporter John Carroll with more. MIGRANT CRISIS EE hundreds of children up to 17 years old will soon be arriving at the convention center probably as soon as this weekend. And this is a humanitarian issue. These aren't children. Uh, who have a legal right to be here. Uh, and I think we've all been shocked by the pictures of the conditions there in, uh, in CBP detention facilities, the Biden administration says it's sending families back, but when it comes to children, without their parents, the president made it clear today where he stands the idea that I'm going to say, which I would never do. An unaccompanied child ends up at the border. We're just gonna let them starve to death and stay in the other side. No previous administrations that either except Trump, I'm not going to do it. I'm not going to do it. The law says unaccompanied children are not supposed to be held in federal detention facilities for more than 72 hours. That's happening now. So the process of relocating them to more suitable facilities is urgent and her the convention center. Earlier this week, supervisor Fletcher, along with San Diego mayor, Todd Gloria announced that children perhaps up to 1400 will be welcomed to the center. But while here they will not be allowed to leave the confines of the building in his YouTube update on Wednesday supervisor Jim Desmond sounded a note of concern and resignation. You can't sustain this on and on and on, you know, month after month after month. Uh, th there's this, you know, just, just can't continue to happen like this, but. We are where we are. As soon as children arrive, officials say efforts will get underway to send them to family members already in the U S we reached out to convention center management for a comment. They referred us to the federal emergency management agency, FEMA, which will be overseeing the operation. No one got back to us. Both mayor Gloria and supervisor Fletcher say the cost of the operation will be born by the federal government and the federal government's been clear. This is their responsibility and they will pay the full cost associated for it. And I think that that is appropriate. The reason the convention center can serve as a temporary shelter is because no conventions are booked until August *** And now for our wildlife segment…..A rehabilitated barn owl is back in the wild at Coronado’s Spreckels Park. KPBS reporter Jacob Aere says the animal was released last night. OWLS 1 The female barn owl was found by two public services employees in the City of Coronado back on Jan. 25 of this year when they noticed it was struggling to fly in the cold and rain. A Coronado Police Services Officer then brought the animal to the Humane Society’s Wildlife Center. But WHO helped bring the animal back to health? That would be Project Wildlife’s Director Of Wildlife Medicine, Jon Enyart (En-yurt). “She got some fluids by injection and then was put into an enclosure that just helped her stay quiet and calm. And then after a day or two we realized, at that point, she was ready to go out to the aviary.” After nearly two months, the barn owl could self-feed and was strong enough to fly again. It was released at Spreckels Park Wednesday night, near where it was found. *** Its spring break. Despite a pandemic, partying students are expected to soon descend on San Diego beaches and the bay. So local lifeguards and police are putting out some warnings to try to keep everyone safe. KPBS Reporter Melissa Mae has the story. Water safe ee San Diego has more than 40 miles of ocean, front and Bay shoreline for lifeguards and police to patrol. But lifeguard, chief James Gartland has a warning for beach goers. I mean, San Diego beaches are beautiful. The water looks nice. The sunsets, all of that, but there are a lot of hazards that the local beaches. So you just have to be aware. Spring break in San Diego means increased crowds and more activity in the water. San Diego police Lieutenant Rick Aguilar says his department will have patrols on the water and on land to provide assistance to life. All right. We just want to make sure that everyone comes out here. They're safe. Follow all the safety rules, many visitors enjoy renting water vessels during their visit to the beach. But officials warned potential renters to make sure the rental company and all those brick and mortar businesses. Those vessels are well-maintained. They're safe. There's insurance. They provide some instructions and one more warning for boaters. Do not drink in boat. Uh, please do not operate a vessel while you're under the influence. Authorities also encouraged spring breakers to wear a mask and to social distance, Melissa Mae KPBS news. Coming Up….… Our arts editor and producer rounds up this weekend’s top three virtual events. That’s after a little bitty break. <<> ###### <<> Looking for a way to get some art and culture this weekend? Here's KPBS/Arts editor and producer Julia Dixon Evans with her top 3 weekend performing arts events picks, all of them virtual. Weekend Preview The Coronado Playhouse just opened Harlem duet, which is a play written by Canadian playwright. Janet Sears in 1997. Karnataka play has filmed the stage production directed by local Candice crystal, the play functions as a kind of unstuck in time. Pre-call to Shakespeare's Othello. The script jumps around in time, contemporary, Harlem, and 1860s plantation the Harlem Renaissance. And it follows the messy love that unravels between a fellow played by Malakai Beasley and his first wife, the complicated Billy played by Danielle bunch. Here's a clip. I'll take them on a cultural field trip loan that mine I've longed for the sanctuary black boutiques bookstore, like groceries filled with black doctors and dentists, black banks, black streets teaming with loud black people, listening to loud, jazz and Reagan and Aretha. There is a Rose and sped. Oh, Rosen, black and Spanish. The script of Harlem duet really centers on Billy, who of course has no Shakespearian origins. It's a really great chance to embroil and recenter the cannon from a black woman's lens. Tickets are $25 and it streams on demand through April 18th. Next step you want your classical music with a little bit less dead old guy, local pianist, Melissa Evans. Tiara is putting on a free livestream concert on Saturday at 11:00 AM. Featuring only living composers. One of the works is even a world premiere. It's called hyperspace Sonata by her husband. The composer Tiara is a fantastic performer. And I love the selection of works. It's kind of like a cheat sheet of contemporary composers. We all should be paying attention to you. She built the program around a work called compassion by Manhattan based composer, Julia Wolfe about witnessing the twin towers fall on nine 11, right from her apartment. This work is jarring. It's abrasive, and it's also really. And finally Jeremy McQueen's latest ballet. It's called wild act one. And in it and incarcerated youth celebrates his 14th birthday behind bars. The works inspired partly by the protagonist of Maurice. Sendak's where the wild things are. Children's book as well as photography and stories of incarcerated young people of color. McQueen who was raised in Southeast San Diego launched his dance company, the black Iris project in 2016 in New York. I spoke to McQueen recently. And here's what he said about this work. So this work to me, um, really amplifies the idea that though our bodies might be perceived or incarcerated in so many different facets throughout life, our minds and our imaginations can never be incarcerated. This Valley in particular is a call to action specifically for young, black and Brown men, to be able to see the beauty of their lives and the beauty of telling their stories, no matter what they've been through. That filmed production of wild act fun is available to screen online only through April 4th. So don't miss it and read my interview with Jeremy And you can find even more art editors picks and sign up for my weekly KPBS arts newsletter. Go to Annnnnd that's the show. Thanks for listening. We’ll be back in your feed Monday.

Governor Newsom says starting April 1, all Californians 50 and over will become eligible for COVID-19 vaccinations. Then on April 15, eligibility extends to everyone 16 and over. Plus: owls, spring breakers, virtual performing arts and more. Support San Diego News Now by becoming joining the KPBS family today.