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‘Everybody’s Doing It With Miss Lolly’ Podcast Explores Sexual Health

Miss Lolly and KPBS invite you to explore the role sexuality plays in our identities in the new podcast “Everybody’s Doing It with Miss Lolly.” Episodes will be released every week on Thursdays beginning May 4, 2023.

“Our goal is to shrink taboos and make the unconventional less intimidating, all while making the listener feel like an expert in their own intimacy and welcome to the conversation. Conversations about sex are happening all the time, so we might as well bring them out in the open rather than be hush-hush about it,” says podcast host and therapist Miss Lolly.

Miss Lolly is the host of “Everybody’s Doing It With Miss Lolly” and a licensed marriage and family therapist. She has chosen to keep her podcast identity anonymous and separate from her professional identity. Originally from Orange County, Lolly moved to San Diego in 2010 to pursue psychology at UCSD and decided to make San Diego her permanent home. She has a knack for talking with people everywhere she goes, and uses her therapist skills to create a safe space for intimate conversations with strangers.

“One of the core values of public media is to demystify topics and create a safe space for an audience to learn something new. With ‘Everybody's Doing It,’ we can push out of our comfort zone and take a risk on a subject that is on everybody's mind, but not always easy to talk about. As a licensed therapist, Lolly brings a high degree of knowledge and experience to the discussion, which I believe will increase the level of trust and openness the audience will have in what she says,” says John Decker, KPBS senior director of content development.

Podcast episodes will feature intimate conversations with ordinary people and experts in the San Diego community about the influences of culture on sexuality, and the role sex plays in our everyday lives and in who we are as people.

Episode Descriptions:

Episode 1 - “Continued Sex Education”

Miss Lolly talks with an old friend about those awkward days discovering sex for the first time, and how much they both needed to learn. Then she sits down with a surrogate partner and intimacy coach to discuss the many layers of connection and sex we learn over time. Finally, Miss Lolly goes into a sex shop and talks with the owner about kink and all the fun experiences we could all have if we destigmatized adult play.

Episode 2 - “Sex and Disability”

We talk about the functionality of bodies and how to experience pleasure and connection in any body. Miss Lolly starts off with a conversation about attitude and performance with a guest, then talks with a friend about their experiences of sex and dating while in a wheelchair. We then talk with a sex and disability advocate nurse about challenges, workarounds, and magical experiences discovering new ways to find pleasure.

Episode 3 - “Know Thyself”

Miss Lolly talks about self-confidence and sex with people she met at a bar, which sparks her interest in how feeling sexy impacts other areas of life. A boudoir photographer and an orgasm coach join us to talk about the importance of feeling comfortable in our own sensuality and experiences of pleasure. And Miss Lolly takes a masturbation class and reports back.

Episode 4 - “Real Kink with Real People”

What is kink, who does it? What are ENM and poly relationships about and where to begin? Miss Lolly gets tied up at the Rope Collective in Barrio Logan, and then casually talks with a very kinky married couple about the evolution of their sex lives and why they are having so much fun.

Episode 5 - “Old Folx Like Sex Too”

Our sexuality doesn’t just turn off once society decides we are too old to be sexy. Miss Lolly talks with “Sexy Seniors” about a lifetime of healthy sex and continued discoveries and desires.

Episode 6 - “A New Way to Talk About Nothing New”

“Transgender,” “gender non-conforming” and “pan sexual” may be relatively new words to our vocabularies, but what they represent is as old as time. Miss Lolly talks with a young couple about raising a child without gender.

The season trailer is available here.

“Everybody’s Doing It With Miss Lolly” is funded in part by the KPBS Explore Local Program Fund, a programming initiative to give voice to the many diverse stories of San Diego.

You can subscribe to the series now by visiting, or just search “Miss Lolly” in your favorite podcast app.

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