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Brooke Binkowski

Interim News Anchor

Brooke Binkowski is professional journalist whose career and interests have taken her to Mexico, Alaska, Europe, North Africa, and South America. She also worked as a freelance border and immigration reporter while finishing her master’s degree in Latin American Studies from the University of California, San Diego, focusing on the culture of the U.S.-Mexico Border and Mexican immigration to Anchorage, Alaska. Brooke covered her first story as a cub reporter in San Diego nearly twenty years ago and didn't look back. She worked for KFQD in Anchorage, CNN in Atlanta, and KNX and Southern California Public Radio in Los Angeles before arriving back in San Diego to finish her degree. She has also reported for NPR, CBS, and the BBC. In addition to journalism and travel, Brooke also likes fencing, playing accordion, taking photos, reading, running, and nearly everything else.