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Eva Volin

  • Published by VIZ, rated T, and complete in fourteen volumes,
  • Although one of the easiest places to find shonen manga is in
  • Popular crossover manga includes Bleach, Naruto and Fullmetal Alchemist (Viz Media)
  • As a children's librarian, I see new comics fans born every day. Increasingly, these fans are female and what they're reading is
  • Most public libraries have as part of their mission the duty to collect popular materials for their patrons. All it takes is a quick walk through any chain bookstore to see that graphic novels are popular. If they weren't, stores wouldn't devote so much shelf space to them and teens wouldn't be sitting in the aisles reading the newest releases. With the increasing popularity of graphic novels, librarians have had to educate themselves on the format, its history, industry trends, publisher idiosyncrasies, binding quality, and more, to make sure we are collecting the right books. By including graphic novels in library collections, librarians are seeing an increase in traffic from teens and twenty-somethings who may have previously felt libraries were no longer relevant to their lives or their interests.