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Rob Schmitz

  • Mark Horvath is a former drug addict and con artist who briefly had no home. After getting his life together, Horvath started to showcase homeless people around the country and bring awareness to their plight. Horvath has also capitalized on social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter to raise money for the cause.
  • Thousands of wealthy foreigners have gotten visas by investing at least $500,000 in a new business that will create jobs in the U.S. While some think everyone wins under this arrangement, others scoff at what they say is a "pay to play" system.
  • Cash-rich tourists from mainland China are coming to the United States to cruise neighborhoods with a lot of foreclosures or unsold developments. They are looking for bargain-basement buys. These recent home-buying tours to the U.S. have become one of the most popular tour group packages in China.
  • In January, the U.S. Immigration Service signed a pact with the Vietnamese government, agreeing to deport thousands of illegal Vietnamese immigrants who are currently under deportation orders. Prior to this pact, the Vietnamese government refused to take in deportees.
  • President Bush pledged additional federal aid today during his visit to fire-ravaged neighborhoods around San Diego. KQED's Rob Schmitz watched the president speak with evacuees at Qualcomm Stadium, a
  • Julian, population 2000, is no stranger to fire. Charles Scott, who owns the town bakery, recites a list of blazes that have destroyed parts of the town.