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Frank Miller’s ‘300’ Released on DVD Today


Tom Fudge: A couple of year ago, a movie called Sin City hit the multiplexes. It was based on a graphic novel by Frank Miller, and it featured an unusual film making technique. Rather than building sets or filming on location, it filmed actors against a blank blue screen. Their surroundings were added later as visual effects.

This year, a similar movie opened around the country. And today is becomes available on DVD. It's called 300 . It's also based on a Frank Miller graphic novel and it also uses the blue screen technique. "Three Hundred" transports movie goers back to ancient Greece. The story is based on a real battle. It tells of how 300 Spartan soldiers held off a multitude of Persian invaders at Thermopylae. Beth Accomando is the KPBS film critic. She's seen the movie, and she attended a press conference where Frank Miller and his collaborators talked about the film.


  • Beth Accomando , KPBS film critic.

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