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HIV Study Done By Zip Codes


Aired 4/5/11

All adults who live in two San Diego communities have been selected for HIV testing.

— If you’re an adult whose zip code is 92103 or 92104, you’re going to get a knock at your door from a researcher, who will ask: “ Would you be willing to take an HIV test”?

Your answer will become part of a unique HIV research study and prevention project called “Lead the Way.”

It’s considered the most comprehensive HIV-prevention campaign ever done in the United States.

Dr. Susan Little is a professor of medicine at UCSD. She is also the lead researcher of the year-long study.

“The goal of this study is to use a big public educational campaign to see what portion of people who are offered HIV testing, confidentially and without charge, would actually yes,” explained Little.

Participants who say “yes” will be offered free HIV testing in their home. Results of the testing will be received on the spot.

The next phase of the study will help HIV positive participants get treatment.

The “Lead the Way” mobile questions and testing will begin in early May.

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