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Mitt Romney’s La Jolla Home Plans Revealed

The living space for the home Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney plans to build in La Jolla would be about 8,200 square feet, according to plans submitted to the city of San Diego's Development Services Department and obtained today by City News Service.

The total space for the home would be 11,000 square feet, which includes the basement and garage, according to the city's Rachel Laing.

Underground area does not count in a home's square footage in the municipal code, Laing said.

The plans submitted call for Romney's 3,000-square foot Spanish-style house to be partially razed and replaced by a two-story residence over a basement.

A Romney campaign official told The Washington Post earlier this month that Romney and his wife Anne want to "enlarge their two-bedroom home because with five married sons and 16 grandchildren it is inadequate for their needs. Construction will not begin until the permits have been obtained and the campaign is finished."

The Romneys have owned the home for three years. It had been the residence of Maureen O'Connor, San Diego's mayor from 1985-92, and her late husband, Jack in the Box founder Bob Peterson.

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HarryStreet | September 4, 2011 at 3:21 p.m. ― 5 years, 6 months ago

Do people know our vote does not matter when it comes to electing the President of the United States?

It's the Electoral Votes that get the person in elected to office. The senate does not have to abide by the majority of Americans, that's how George W. Bush got elected in office in 2000. The majority voted for Al Gore, but the electoral votes went to George W.

I've been voting since I was of the age to, but I do not like voting for principal only. Our votes (the majority) are should be what matters.

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