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New Law Requires Whooping Cough Vaccine

Clarification: The California Department of Public Health recommends all children 10 years and older receive whooping cough booster shots, but the new law applies to students entering 7th through 12th grade.


Aired 1/7/11

A new law requires California middle-schoolers to get a whooping-cough vaccine this year.

A new law requiring all California middle-school kids to get a whooping-cough vaccine goes into effect this year. Legislators passed the law in the midst of the worst whooping-cough outbreak in more than 60 years.

A box of Tdap vaccinations is displayed on a table during a health fair Augus...
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Above: A box of Tdap vaccinations is displayed on a table during a health fair August 11, 2010 in Vallejo, California. California medical officials are urging California residents to get booster shots for whooping cough as the state is in the midst of the largest outbreak in over fifty years.

More than 1,100 adults and children have been diagnosed with whooping cough in San Diego County this year. Two babies have died from the disease.

Children entering kindergarten are required to have five doses of the whooping-cough vaccine. The new law mandates a sixth dose for everyone 10 years and older. San Diego County deputy health officer Dr. Dean Sidelinger said the new law will affect about 130,000 students this year.

“So that’s why we’re trying to get the word out as early as we can so parents have many opportunities to get their children vaccinated before they enter school in the fall," Sidelinger said.

Whooping cough is an upper respiratory illness that in older children and adults can mimic a bad cold, but in infants can be fatal.

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Avatar for user '1GreenTony'

1GreenTony | January 10, 2011 at 3:10 a.m. ― 6 years, 2 months ago

Attn All,
This is a horrific start to a new year for humanity. To have forced vaccinations on our children is a crime against freedom and decency. It's already insulting enough that parents are forced to vaccinate their infants in order to go to school, but to vaccinate them in their teens. Good luck! I'm sure we're going to see a huge drop-out rate. If you think this is doing good for our children, think again. Please research the disastrous side effects it can have on our youth. Can you live with the sheepish compliance that this insane and fascist law brings, life long neurological problems & possible death, it can and does cause on a regular basis to your children?
If you cannot live with that guilt, then don't give in to a fascist state. We must come together and stop this fascist insanity. No more forced vaccinations for anyone, including our babies! We are born with a perfectly running immune system. All vaccines have ever done, is to weaken and kill our immune system.
I will not give in to this insanity. My daughter will not be vaccinated, regardless if she doesn't get approved for an exemption. We don't need the state's approval. I care about all children and the future of humanity. Vaccines are a sham. Learn the truth, before you blindly start telling kids that they must get stabbed/shot and injected with poisons.
I'll home school my daughter if I have to. We don't live in a free country, if we don't have the right to choose. I'm the Ruler of my body, and my daughter is the Ruler of her body. No one is going to conquer us, and penetrate our castle walls to murder & conquer us. Please look into the side effects of the Whooping Cough Vaccine. C'mon everybody! Let's stand up for our rights! Thank you for taking the time to read my message.

Have a nice day,


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Avatar for user 'teapartyin2012'

teapartyin2012 | January 30, 2011 at 12:11 p.m. ― 6 years, 1 month ago

Dear Tony, I couldn't agree more with what you wrote. But, you do have a choice. Please pass this on, and keep up your blogging! Probably 99% of people are not aware of vaccine exemptions! May God bless you today!

The California Health and Safety Code, Division 105, Part 2, Chapter 1, Sections 120325-120380 establishes the 
immunizations required and exemptions:
“Immunization of a person shall not be required for admission to a school or other institution listed in Section 120335if the parent or guardian or adult who has assumed responsibility for his or her care and custody in the case of a minor, or the person seeking admission if an emancipated minor, files with the governing authority a letter or affidavit stating that the immunization is contrary to his or her beliefs. However, whenever there is good cause to believe that the person has been exposed to one of the communicable diseases listed in subdivision (a) of Section 120325, that person may be temporarily excluded from the school or institution until the local health officer is satisfied that the person is no longer at risk of developing the disease.”

Your letter may simply read:
Dear School official,
This letter is to serve as an affidavit, stating that vaccinations are contrary to what I believe is healthy for my child, ______________________________________________.
California Health & Safety Code #120325-120380 states that it is my legal right to decline such vaccinations for my child.
Thank you kindly,

_______________________________ _______________________
Legal Parent / Guardian Date

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Avatar for user 'bigdprender'

bigdprender | April 6, 2011 at 3:43 p.m. ― 5 years, 11 months ago

Your idiotic, stubborn beliefs are the reason so many proven preventable diseases still exist and infect vulnerable children. Home schooling your children and having to keep them separate from society will ultimately please your own twisted ego while damaging your children's chances of living healthy, socially productive lives.

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Avatar for user 'mavric'

mavric | April 22, 2011 at 10:38 p.m. ― 5 years, 11 months ago

Another cow to the slaughter...

The first impossibility is that vaccines don’t contain the original microbe associated with the natural disease. Vaccines contain a manmade mutated version of the bug, created in a laboratory. This mutation is what is getting injected into our infants. It is impossible for such a mutation to confer immunity to any natural disease, even if the entire Germ Theory were proven fact.

So that’s the first problem. Glib vax ad copy answers that the vaccine’s immunity is temporary and that’s why 5 or 6 separate shots are needed. But there is no actual proof for that contention – it’s all theoretical, and coincidentally very strongly supports the sale of more shots.

But in the past decade a new problem has arisen. In various areas of the US there have been several outbreaks of whooping cough, for which there still is no cure. And every time that happens the local community’s only response is – you guessed it – yet another dose of DTaP. The tragedy is that since the vast majority of the kids who get the disease have already received multiple doses of the vaccine throughout childhood, it is almost certain that this new version of whooping cough is the direct result of so many doses of the vaccine for all these decades now. As with all vaccines, the shot doesn’t contain the bug associated with the original disease, but rather a mutated version created in the laboratory. It’s likely that the accumulated dissemination of these shots all these decades have caused outbreaks of an entirely new manmade verison of whooping cough. Unvaccinated kids almost never get whooping cough.

To reiterate, whooping cough was gone, we started vaccinating, we quintupled the dosage of the vaccine, a new whooping cough emerged, and now the cure is supposed to be another dose.

So not only does the DTaP vaccine not work, it is almost certainly the cause of an entirely new version of pertussis breaking out. Vaccine-caused diseases — nothing new– the CDC has admitted for years that vaccines are the primary cause of other diseases, including polio and measles.

Where the story loses all scientific credibility is when the kids who get the new whooping cough are given another DTaP booster shot. This is preposterous. Even if vaccines worked and triggered the immunity they are advertised to do, no vaccine scientist would ever claim a curative effect from a vaccine. In other words, they would never say once you have a disease that a vaccine can cure you. That is impossible. The only ones who would make such a ludicrous and superstitious claim would be irresponsible people in clinics selling shots, and also lawmakers, like the uneducated, unscientific people in government who dreamed up a marketing ploy like Assembly Bill 354.

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Avatar for user 'MrBrown'

MrBrown | September 22, 2011 at 10:15 a.m. ― 5 years, 6 months ago

I think we need to be extremely careful on the road we are heading down. Forced vaccinations are something that shouldn't happen. I realize the "risk" of not getting the vaccination, and I feel for the families that lost a loved one to this virus but I don't think it merits a new law to be implemented. Every year its something new, SARS, bird flu, swine flu, West Nile, and now the whooping cough. Honestly, it sound to me like a great marketing campaign. Look, not to go too far off the subject but there are other illnesses that demand more attention than Whooping cough. Look at diabetes. Why is it that these days it seems like everyone has diabetes? People say, " We need to eat healthier." That may be true, but if such a large group of our population is being affected by this than we need to make a serious change, not just in our diet, but in our food industry. The truth is that most of what we have available to us for food is over processed and corn based. Even the milk we drink comes from corn fed cows. Lets not forget the food chain people, if cows eat corn then we eat the cow, well u know the rest. No alarms are be sounded over diabetes, Why? because people would begin to ask questions like, "Well, if it is so bad for us, then why is it allowed to be sold to us?" ... Anyway, before I go too far off track, I don't think that Pertussis was as horrible as it was made to be. I think it was utilized as a tool to pass a law that forces us to accept, government mandated vaccinations. The problem is this law sets a precedence in our history. In the future whenever people disagree with whatever forced vaccination we are given, the state will always refer back to this law. If genuine research is done on an illness, and the info is released to the public, the public will CHOOSE to get the vaccinations. We are all adults, and we shouldn't be forced to do anything. To tell us that our children WILL be denied an education because we do not agree with letting someone inject them with something that we do not have enough information on is wrong. Why do we have to be scared or frightened into accepting things now-a-days? Has it ever occurred to anyone that it may not be that these viruses are becoming stronger, but that it is our immune system that is becoming weaker? Lets practice a little more caution when allowing these types of laws to get passed. Don't let your emotional state override your mental capacities. Fear is always at the root of most laws being passed. Forced Vaccinations? I don't know... it sounds unnecessary to pass a law because of a strong cough, I personally do not know anyone who has had it. Let us not forget, everything Hitler did was LEGAL. Just because something is a Law does not make it right... Who voted for this law anyway?

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