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Union Pickets Kaiser Hospital In San Diego

Aired 9/21/11 on KPBS News.

Health-care workers picketed Kaiser Permanente's Zion Avenue hospital in San Diego yesterday. It is part of a two day walkout aimed at restarting contract talks.

— Red shirts and picket signs greeted San Diego drivers on Zion Avenue. About 200 National Union of Healthcare Workers walked off the job Wednesday to bring attention to their stalled contract talks. Union workers want to protect their health care and pensions, and they want to make sure there are enough people to do the work. Mark Winterman, who works with Kaiser patients struggling with addiction, said the health-care provider is addicted to money.

Union Pickets Kaiser Hospital In San Diego
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"It's a not-for-profit organization, but they're making profits and they're turning them back into salaries and into buildings and not to the service providers who are giving the patients what they need," said Winterman.

Kaiser officials said the hospital remains open and patient care shouldn't be compromised.

Aired 9/21/11 on KPBS Midday Edition.

Joining us on Midday Edition today, Mary Ann Barnes, Senior Vice President and Executive Director at Kaiser Permanente, San Diego and Jim Clifford, therapist at Kaiser Permanente, San Diego.

"We want to be a great place for people to work," said Mary Ann Barnes, senior vice-president at Kaiser Permanente. "We know we have to be very competitive on salary and benefits. And we put a proposal together and we would like to have some discussions around that proposal so that we can end this dispute."

The strikers will be welcomed back when there strike ends on Friday, said Barnes. Union workers held a one day strike in May, but that did little to resolve the dispute.

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MrBrown | September 22, 2011 at 10:38 a.m. ― 5 years, 6 months ago

I am happy to see people excersizing their right to organize, but I fear it may be too late...It is not a coincidence that although they are are picketing and striking, there are so many people out of work that they may fail at what they are standing up against. Seriously, a "bad economy" is the perfect time for corporations to "trim the fat" and that is exactly what they are doing. Come one people, all we have to do is choose. We can choose to not be a part of this opressive system that promotes nothing but cronyism and submission. WE, the PEOPLE, are the majority. Why is that large corporations are allowed to treat us this way? They ,as well as the banks, should be held for treason, and domestics terrorism agaisnt the American People. Laws are supposed to reflect the collective views of the population and they clearly do not. I realize that money is tight but WE, the people, the WORKING CLASS, did not cause the economy to collapse. It was the Banks, and the Corporations and the people on office who allowed it to happen... and believe me it was done DELIBERATLY. Of course we are expected to react violently, and we will, eventually. When we do, the military will be put into place to police us under martial law. It is not about how much money they, (banks, corporations) can make anymore... It is about how much they can take away from us. Don't you realize that is all that is happening. We are making NO progress as a society, we are going backwards. Forced Vaccines, controlled media, fear being shoved in our face to make us agree with whatever we are told. What war on terror? This is a non-existant war, there is no clear cut enemy, therefore there will be no end. WAKEUP PEOPLE, Its been 10 YEARS, we went in for Bin Laden and now we are setting up an invasion in to Libya. Who are we fighting? Other poor people!!!. WE,the AMERICAN PEOPLE, have nothing to gain with what is going on today in the USA, from the wars, to the tax hikes to the cuts in services, I mean come on, we are being forced to BEG for tax hikes so that our social servicec and eduction don't get cuts. You don't think the Banks, and corporations and those who protect them are laughing at us while we beg the administration to raise our taxes. The time is now, a unified WORKING CLASS is what we need... It is not about race or religion, it is about how we are being treated. GENERAL STRIKE, if we choose not to be apart of the system, what can be done, nobody can force you to go to work. Everything will stop... A day without the WORKING CLASS, lets try it out.

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