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Mayor Sanders Supports Gay Marriage In Ad To Air During GOP Convention

Evening Edition

Mayor Jerry Sanders in a television commercial to air during the Republican National Convention. In it, he expresses his support for gay marriage.

Aired 8/24/12 on KPBS News.

An ad airing during the GOP convention will feature San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders. In it, he will express his support for an issue most Republicans will not agree with: gay marriage.

Lots of political ads will air during the television broadcast of the Republican National Convention next week. One of them will feature San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders. In it, he will express his support for an issue that most Republicans will not agree with: gay marriage.

The ad is produced by the gay rights organizations Human Rights Campaign and Freedom to Marry.

“In 2007 I announced my support for marriage equality for two reasons: family and freedom," Sanders says in the ad. "As a Republican, I believe in conservative values like responsibility and limited government.”

Sanders goes on to say that the Republican party is changing on the issue of gay marriage thanks to leaders like Dick Cheney and Laura Bush.

“Marriage strengthens families, and we need more of that in this country, not less," he says.

Five years ago at a live press conference, Sanders tearfully explained he decided not to veto a measure endorsing same-sex marriage because his daughter is gay.

When President Barack Obama announced his support for gay marriage in May, Sanders told KPBS he applauded the decision.

"I think there finally comes a time when you say I've gotta' do what's right, and I think that's exactly what the president's done, it's what I did," he said. "You know, it becomes a very personal decision at that point and you know that you can't look other people in the face and say I don't think you're as valuable as anybody else."

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Avatar for user 'Peking_Duck_SD'

Peking_Duck_SD | August 24, 2012 at 8:20 p.m. ― 4 years, 7 months ago

Laura Bush supports marriage equality?

I had no idea.

Good for her!

But even with a few sane voices, the Republican party is too far right at present time. It needs to come back towards being more moderate.

Look at some of the people invited to speak at the convention: Sheriff Arpaio and Donald Trump.

Come on, these are not respectable people, they are pompous, attention seeking entertainers who like to be as outlandish as possible in hopes of getting self-gratifying attention.

I'm a Democrat for many reasons, not just gay rights. However, I think we would all be much better off if the Republicans came closer to the center and were willing to compromise instead of this tea party say no to everything tea party crapola.

I actually voted for Mayor Sanders and think he has been overall a good mayor (I don't agree with everything he's done, but I can respect him as being fir minded and moderate).

Carl DeMaio would be a different story all together.

Mr. DeMaio is more like the tea party radicals and less like the moderates like Laura Bush and Mayor Sanders.

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Avatar for user 'Peking_Duck_SD'

Peking_Duck_SD | August 24, 2012 at 8:26 p.m. ― 4 years, 7 months ago

By the way, Mr. DeMaio is gay and says he supports marriage equality.

Why isn't he joining Mr. Sanders in trying to enlighten his party's view on this issue?

Is it because he has made pacts with and accepted money from known homophobic hate-mongers like Roger Hegecock, Doug Manchester, and "Lysol" Larry Stirling?


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Avatar for user 'Missionaccomplished'

Missionaccomplished | August 25, 2012 at 1:08 p.m. ― 4 years, 7 months ago

Dear Mayor Sanders, does the San Diego voter NEED to know about your daughter's personal life? Just a simple "yes" or "no" will suffice.

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