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Pina,’ ‘The Recommendation’ And Other Stuff I Like Right Now

One of Seth Casteel's photographs of dogs underwater. Genius!

Above: One of Seth Casteel's photographs of dogs underwater. Genius!

Sharing what's on my radar with readers is one of the best parts of my job - but one I don't get to indulge in often enough. This morning, I thumbed my nose at my endless to-do list and decided to gather some recommendations for you. The list begins appropriately with....

"The Recommendation" at The Old Globe

This drama isn't perfect by any means, but it's bold. It attempts to address race and class through a friendship between two men: one black and the son of an immigrant, the other white and privileged. It's very funny, and there's some pretty graphic language, especially for The Old Globe. Only three actors in this one, and Jimonn Cole, who plays a felon, gives a knock-out performance.

"Pina" by Wim Wenders

This 3D doc is a tribute to German choreographer Pina Bausch, who died unexpectedly in 2009. I saw a press screening last week and have been haunted by the imagery ever since. The film is primarily a series of performances of Bausch's work performed by dancers she's worked with over the years. The theatricality of Bausch's choreography is beautifully captured in 3D. I just loved this one.

Underwater Dog Photography by Seth Casteel

These photographs of dogs underwater made my day. My lab was a swimmer (she's 13, now she's a sleeper) who obsessed over tennis balls, especially when wet. Seth Casteel, hats off to you.

"The Business on Foreign Films"

I've endorsed the KCRW podcast of "The Business" in the past, but this is a good episode. Overall, the show deals with the business of Hollywood, and for this episode, host Kim Masters moderates a debate about the Oscars foreign film category. It's just another reason to think twice about the Oscars as a true arbiter of what's good and bad in movies. That said, I really liked the Iranian film "A Separation," which is a nominee, so they're not always wrong.

F*%# Your Noguchi Coffee Table

This tumblr makes me laugh every time I check it, which is now daily. It pulls all the design/decor trends that both annoy and impress and gives them the big middle finger. Hilarious. My favorites right now? "F@%# your cermanic owl umbrella stand" and "F@%# your cardboard taxidermy."

DIY Valentines at New Children's Museum

Since Valentine's Day feels like a holiday made up by Hallmark, why not take it back and make your own valentines? This workshop at the New Children's Museum is for all ages.

Wendy Maruyama and The Tag Project

Local artist Wendy Maruyama's Tag Project is a series of work inspired by history. All Japanese Americans from the West Coast were rounded up in 1942 and each issued a tag indicating which of ten internment camps they would be sent to. Maruyama created 120,000 replica tags for her work. An exhibit opens tonight at the SDSU University Art Gallery.

And, of course, you must check out the John Baldessari print retrospective at MCASD. Listen to him talk about his work in my radio story.

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