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IHSS Patients, Caregivers Rally Against More Budget Cuts

Advocates for California seniors and people with disabilities are calling for an end to budget cuts to the in-home supportive services program.

A couple hundred union members and patients rallied at the Capitol today. Union leader Loretta Stevens says the IHSS program isn’t set up to deal with the growing patient population. “That’s why we’re here today in support of an innovative approach that will stabilize long-term care, providers’ roles and create better health outcomes for consumers," said Stevens.

The unions generally support Governor Jerry Brown’s budget proposal to consolidate IHSS with Medicare and Medi-Cal for Californians who belong to multiple programs. But they want the hundreds of millions of dollars in savings to be reinvested in the programs, rather than go towards reducing the deficit.

The two Democratic legislative leaders spoke at the rally as well. But their offices declined to say whether they actively support the unions’ proposal to reinvest the savings.

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EarlRichards | February 29, 2012 at 6:24 a.m. ― 5 years ago

Brown is blackmailing Californians. Why does Brown always pick-on the most vulnerable and education? He should close corporate and commercial tax loopholes, introduce an oil extraction tax, an oil corporation, windfall-profits tax, Chevron made $27 billions in 2011 and paid no federal tax, amend the 2/3's rule and trim the bond interest paid to Wall Street. These taxes have to be rolled-back. These budget cuts will prolong the recession.

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