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Brown Won’t Rule Out Future Budget Cuts if Prop 30 Passes

California Governor Jerry Brown is vowing to veto any attempts to reverse automatic education cuts if his November tax initiative fails. But he also says budget cuts may still be necessary next year even if Proposition 30 passes.

In an interview with Capital Public Radio, Brown insisted California would be far better off if Prop 30 passes – but he wouldn’t rule out future budget cuts.

“We’ve made billions and billions of dollars in cuts. We have virtually eliminated the structural deficit. But even still, with the tax measure, we’ll have to exercise some discipline in the coming year,” said Governor Brown.

And if Prop 30 fails and Democrats send him legislation to reverse the budget’s deep cuts to schools and colleges,

“I will veto any bill that attempts to undo the trigger cuts. We have to balance our budget.”

But David Wolfe with the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association says the governor should be willing to cut somewhere else:

“We have a $90 billion budget – more money than any other state in the union. We don’t need to make $6 billion worth of cuts to schools,” explained Wolfe.

Polls show Prop 30 hovering right around 50 percent support.

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DennisInSanDiego | October 31, 2012 at 11:12 a.m. ― 4 years, 4 months ago

Who does not have to get by on less money these days - Oh ya Teachers! No there isn't enough money to pay all the teachers but that is because they won contracts paying each more than their share of the Pot. Increase what the schools get and the teachers shall gobble it up and there won't be enough for the schools again! Prop 30 is NOT about the Children the Buildings or Supplies "It's About Fattening Up the Wallets of the Teachers who Over Fish the Supply of money and then cry out to help the schools once again. Novel Idea Teachers take a Cut in Pay and more of you can stay, Take a slightly bigger hit and New Teachers cab be added to help you. Is That So Hard to Understand ???

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