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How Much Does It Cost To Raise A Family In San Diego?


Luke Reidenbach, policy analyst, California Budget Project

Peter Brownell, research director, Center for Policy Initiatives



San Diego Monthly Family Income

San Diego Monthly Family Income

California Budget Project provides detailed estimates of family budgets in each of California's 58 counties

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An analysis by the California Budget Project shows covering basic living expenses are a challenge for many Californians.

The report titled, "Making Ends Meet: How Much Does It Cost To Raise A Family in California?", provides a detailed estimate at the income needed to support a family with the basic necessities such as housing, utilities and child care.

According to the CBP report, a single individual in San Diego needs to earn an average salary of $34,253 to make ends meet while a family of four with two working parents needs to earn $82,208.

The report finds that in many cases, the budgets require an hourly wage that is above what many workers actually make.

Today, we'll examine some of the key challenges keeping working families from making ends meet in San Diego.

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