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Oceanside Considers Puppy Pet Store Ban

The Oceanside City Council will consider a proposal Wednesday night to ban the sale of dogs in pet stores.

Aired 9/25/13 on KPBS News.

Oceanside to consider banning the sale of puppies from pet stores.

The ban would be similar to one passed by the San Diego City Council in July.

Leslie Davies opposes the sale of dogs at a store called “Oceanside Puppies.” She said the owner, David Salinas, opened the store in Oceanside after San Diego’s ordinance banned him from doing business there.

“It’s bad for Oceanside, “she said, “We already have an overcrowded animal shelter. He’s encouraging financing for military families who want to come in and purchase a dog. These are overpriced dogs who often are from puppy mills and often they are sick because of where they are raised. “

The store’s owner, Salinas, said he gets his dogs from licensed breeders. He said he has not closed his store in San Diego, in spite of the ordinance passed by the city council there, and he will fight Oceanside if they try to ban his business.

“There’s legal ramifications for any city that tries to pass an illegal ordinance that is unconstitutional, " he said. “We take great strides in taking care of our customers and making sure that our breeders are legitimate and accountable.”

The San Diego ordinance was supported by the San Diego Humane Society and the SPCA.

Los Angeles and Austin, Texas also passed bans on selling puppies in stores, unless they are obtained through an animal shelter or other nonprofit rescue agency.

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muckapoo1 | September 25, 2013 at 9:58 a.m. ― 3 years, 6 months ago

Does anyone have one shred of evidence this business owner buys from puppy mills? If so, let's see it in the article. Once again, officials are too lazy or inept to carry out the laws against the puppy mills, so go after the honest dealers. It is the Lib way to limit choices through unfair legislation. This area is starting to resemble SacroMental.

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