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Patty Lane


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New Approach To Discipline At San Diego Unified Proven Successful

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San Diego Unified School District has seen a drop in expulsions since it implemented a discipline program that uses restorative justice.

New Grants Help San Diego County Groups Study Climate Change

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The San Diego Foundation awarded more than $300,000 in grants to six local programs to address climate issues that impact San Diego County's economy and way of life.

San Diego CityBeat Columnist Calls On White Americans To Help End Racism

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Aaryn Belfer looks at how white people can help fight racism by being "upstanders" instead of “bystanders."

How Print Journalism Is Surviving In San Diego County

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With The Daily Transcript business newspaper closing in September, the conversation continues around whether print journalism is dying a slow death in a world with on-demand news options.

Mayor Kevin Faulconer On Latest Efforts To Keep Chargers In San Diego

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San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer told KPBS Midday Edition on Thursday that the $2.1 million the city agreed to spend on an environmental analysis of a proposed NFL stadium will be money “well-spent.”

UC San Diego Researchers Uncover Key To Bacterial Communities’ Survival

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UC San Diego researchers studying bacteria colonies found bacteria have the ability to secure the survival of the entire community.

California Bill Would Ground Drones Near Firefighting Efforts

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Legislation introduced in Sacramento would allow first responders to disable or damage drones if it interferes with emergency responses.

Shooting Saddam: Encinitas Cameraman Goes Behind-the-Scenes Of Hussein Trial

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Dennis Lynch of Encinitas offers a behind-the-scenes look at the trial that led to the conviction of Saddam Hussein in his new memoir.

San Diego Pride Celebrates Transgender Community

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San Diego's Pride Parade and Festival take place this weekend and there's plenty to celebrate in the LGBT community. Midday Edition takes a look at victories and challenges still facing many in the LGBT community.

One Giant Step For Space Exploration As Pluto Gets Its Close-Up

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After 9-1/2 years traveling 4.67 billion miles from earth at a speed of over 36,000 miles per hour - the spacecraft New Horizons is presumed to have gotten a close-up of Pluto. San Diego astronomers tell us what scientists hope to learn about the farthest planetary mass in our solar system.

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