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Patty Lane


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San Diego County Ramps Up Effort To Protect Seniors

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As San Diego County continues to go after those accused of abusing seniors in assisted living facilities, county leaders roll out additional resources including a new hotline.

Marine Veterans Remember Final Hours Of Vietnam War

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It’s been almost 40 years since U.S. Marine veterans John Valdez and Douglas Potratz were side-by-side in Vietnam, guarding the U.S. Embassy in the final days of the war.

How A San Diego Man Survived The Holocaust

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Lou Dunst survived concentration camps and slave labor camps, and also eluded death by gas chamber during the Holocaust. He shares his story of survival as Jews around the world commemorate Yom HaShoah.

Chula Vista City Council Vote Count Upheld

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A San Diego Superior Court judge upheld the vote count in Chula Vista's City Council race. Dozens of uncounted provisional ballots were not counted last fall in a race won by two votes.

San Diego Transgender Teen Deaths Prompt Questions On Bullying, Support

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Following the suicides of two transgender teens in San Diego County, experts offer a look at the challenges facing LGBTQ teens and advice on what schools and adults can do to help them.

San Diego Groups Weigh In On Proposed Immigration Bills

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This week California Democrats proposed an immigration package consisting of 10 bills aimed at extending health care, legal rights and business protections to immigrants living in the state illegally.

Restaurant Group: Freeze Minimum Wage Increase For Tipped California Workers

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The California Restaurant Association is sponsoring a bill that would freeze state minimum wage at its current level of $9 an hour for workers who get tips.

Author Jonathan Eig Talks About The Birth Of The Pill

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The birth control pill for women has been around since the 1960s. Former Wall Street Journal reporter Jonathan Eig talks about the impact it has made on society in his new book.

San Diego County Announces Free Access To Mental Health First Aid Program

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The training is aimed at giving people the skills to intervene and give some initial help to people struggling with a mental health crisis.

How Can San Diego Officers Balance Body Cameras And Civil Rights?

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Proposed legislation aims to regulate how body camera videos are used by police across California. The San Diego Police Department has been using body cameras since last summer.

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