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Local filmmaker profiles day laborers in Deer Canyon

Migrant workers have been living in Deer Canyon just outside Carmel Valley. Filmmaker Juan Carlos Frey has profiled the living conditions of these undocumented workers as they struggle to survive. H

Local filmmaker profiles day laborers in Deer Canyon

San Diego county is more often a gateway than a destination for illegal immigrants from Mexico. But countless local industries do hire illegal immigrants, and those undocumented workers need some place to live. Some of them choose to live in improvised shantytowns, that can be found in the Canyons of North San Diego. These migrant camps often exist in the shadows of million dollars homes, that tower above on the cliffs and the mesas. And the frequent complaints from homeowners about the shantytowns keeps the migrants on the move.

Film maker John Carlos Frey has produced a documentary film about the men who live in the camps. The movie is called The Invisible Mexicans of Deer Canyon.



  • John Carlos Frey, producer and director of “The Invisible Mexicans of Deer Canyon.”