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Prop. 86 to Raise Cigarette Tax to Highest in U.S.

Should the state impose an additional tax of $2.60 per cigarette pack to fund new and expanded health services, health insurance for children, and expand tobacco use prevention programs? That is the

Prop. 86 to Raise Cigarette Tax to Highest in U.S.

California now has a cigarette tax of $0.87 a pack. If Proposition 86 passes in November, the state would tax cigarettes at $3.47 a pack, making it the highest cigarette tax in the country.

In a state where tax increases are seen as the pox, raising cigarette taxes has been relatively popular. But some people believe a $2.60 tax increase is going a little too far.


The California General Election takes place November 7, 2006.


  • Wendy Lazarus, founder and co-president of the Children’s Partnership and supporter of Proposition 86.
  • Auday Arabo , president and CEO of California Independent Grocers and Convenience Stores and opponent of Proposition 86.