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Iraq Violence Weighs Heavy on the Minds of Voters

U.S. caualty numbers continue to rise in Iraq, with October turning out to be one of the deadliest months to date. Two political scientists analyze the unstable situation abroad and how it might affe

Iraq Violence Weighs Heavy on the Minds of Voters

Tom Fudge: There isn’t much in the way of good news coming out of Iraq nowadays. And that’s bad news for the Republican Party in next month’s election. This month, 87 American service members have been killed in Iraq. Meanwhile, Baghdad reels in daily violence. And Shiite militias have taken over the southern city of Amara.

President George W. Bush staked his reputation on his decision to invade and occupy Iraq. To a lesser extent, the reputation of his party rides on success or failure in Iraq. During this hour we’re going to talk about the latest news from the Middle East, and ask how big an issue Iraq will be for voters next month.


  • Dr. Dipak Gupta , professor of political science at SDSU.
  • Dr. Pat Drinan , professor of political science and international relations at USD.