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Proposition A: Miramar Airport

How will you vote on Proposition A? Host Tom Fudge speaks to Rob Davis, from, about the key issues that are guiding the airport debate. Fudge also talks to Dennis Burks with ASAP

Proposition A: Miramar Airport

Tom Fudge : Next week, San Diego County voters will let us know what they see as the future of commercial air travel in the region. Proposition A, in essence, will give them a choice between Lindbergh Field and Miramar Air Station. The County Airport Authority has recommended civilian use of Miramar. But strong resistance from the military, and strong local support for the Marines, who operate the air base, has made Prop. A a tough sell.

We’ll take a look at the airport authority’s recommendation and hear arguments for and against. But first we get a historical perspective on Lindbergh Field and the long-running debate over airport expansion in San Diego.



  • Rob Davis, staff writer for
  • Dennis Burks , represents the Coalition to Preserve the Economy which is in favor of Proposition A. He is also the Chairman of the Alliance in Support of Airport Progress (ASAP 21).
  • Harvey Goodfriend , treasurer, and chair of the transportation committee for the San Diego County Taxpayers Association.