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San Diegans Vote Against Miramar Airport

The Airport Initiative, four years in the making, never took off last night. The proposal to negotiate space at Miramar for a future commercial airport failed, with more than 60 percent of San Diego

San Diegans Vote Against Miramar Airport

With the weight of San Diego’s congressional delegation thrown against the idea of working with the military for a future international airport at Miramar, the measure went down.

Retired admiral Bruce Boland says he thinks the San Diego voters didn’t trust the Airport Authority’s economic analysis of what would happen if a new commercial airport is not built.


Boland: I think subliminally what they’re saying is that its hard for them to believe that if we don’t have another airport we’re going to have $130 billion hit on our gross regional economy. Some pretty respectable economists have refuted that.

Boland added that the marines will now be able to concentrate fully on their mission of defending the country rather than defending their base. The Airport Authority will now focus on a major $600 million expansion of Lindbergh Field.