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Comedian Showcases Childhood Nostalgia in One-Man Show

Pat Hazell is a former writer for the famous television show "Seinfeld." Now, he turns to childhood memories of watching Charlie Brown cartoons and playing lawn darts for inspiration. His one-man co

Comedian Showcases Childhood Nostalgia in One-Man Show

Tom Fudge: The Wonderbread Years is a one-man show from comic Pat Hazell. In it, he plays on memories of childhood experiences, like eating Wonderbread, playing with lawn darts and watching Charlie Brown specials on TV. They are the kinds of stories that draw laughs and sighs of recognition from his baby boomer audiences.

Hazell is very much a part of the modern world of comedy, having written for the Seinfeld show, among other things. But unlike many comics, he dares to cross into that rarified land of nostalgia and sentimentality.


His one-man show, The Wonder Bread Years is currently on stage at The Theater in Old Town.


  • Pat Hazell , comedian and one of the original writers on Seinfeld .