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Proposition 83 Faces Legal Challenges

California's version of Jessica's Law was passed earlier this month as Proposition 83. The proposition was hit with a lawsuit questioning the constutionality of the measure. A reporter covering the

Proposition 83 Faces Legal Challenges

Tom Fudge : This morning a San Francisco judge will hear arguments over the constitutionality of California’s version of Jessica’s Law. The law was passed in this month’s election as Proposition 83. It requires registered sex offenders in California to wear a monitoring device for the rest of their lives. And it forbids them from living within 2,000 yards of a school or a park.

As soon as it passed, Prop. 83 was hit with a lawsuit, and a federal judge in San Francisco suspended the law. The question is whether the law will be enforced retroactively and whether the 2,000-yard requirement, mentioned before, is constitutional.



  • Judy Campbell , reporter for KQED public radio in San Francisco.