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City Council Seeks Limits on Growth of Superstores

The San Diego City Council will meet today to discuss ordinances aimed at regulating "big box" stores, including one that would ban retail superstores that sell merchandize and groceries. The proposal

City Council Seeks Limits on Growth of Superstores

Tom Fudge : Today, hundreds of people, perhaps more than a thousand, are expected to show up for a public hearing before the San Diego City Council. The hearing focuses on proposed ordinances to regulate or ban "big box" retail stores.

Most people agree the real target of the proposed legislation is aimed at Wal-Mart and its so-called "superstores." One ordinance would impose an outright ban on superstores. A superstore is defined as a retail establishment over 90 thousand square feet, which devotes 10 percent or more of its sales floor to non-taxable items, read groceries.


Opponents of the superstores say these stores have huge environmental impacts, and they would put neighborhood grocery stores out of business. Supporters of the superstore say if they attract customers, and offer low prices, that is its own defense.


  • Diana Spyridonidis, CEO of the Business Improvement District Council.
  • Kevin McCall , Southern California spokesman for Wal-Mart.