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Doctor Explores Process of Medical Second Opinions

Have you ever asked for a second opinion on a medical diagnosis? Dr. Peter Salgo talks about the benefits of seeking a medical second opinion, and the proper procedures for making the request.

Doctor Explores Process of Medical Second Opinions

Tom Fudge : The modern system of medicine places a lot of responsibility on the shoulders of patients. They need to be savvy enough to navigate the complex systems of managed care. They need to be able to penetrate the very dense regulations of government programs like Medicare. Above all, they need to take responsibility for their own health in a medical environment that is less paternalistic than it may have once been.

Part of that responsibility is getting a second opinion when it’s warranted. But when is a second opinion necessary?


  • Dr. Peter Salgo , clinical professor at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, and a practicing physician at New York Presbyterian Hospital. He is also the host of the television program Second Opinion .