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Former Death-Row Inmate Fighting Death Penalty

The death penalty continues to be a divisive issue. But one man whose death row sentence was commuted is now advocating for the end of the death penalty. Host Gloria Penner talks to Billy Neal Moore

This segment originally aired September 19, 2006.

Billy Neal Moore spent almost 17 years on Georgia’s death row, convicted of the robber/murder of a 77-year-old man. In prison, he wrote letters to the victim’s family apologizing for his crime. The family was moved by his sincerity and forgave him. They also joined Mother Theresa in pleading the case; his sentence was commuted and his life spared when he was 20 hours away from execution. He was eventually paroled in 1991. He has spent the years since determined to help others transform their lives and working to put a stop to the death penalty. He is now a Pentecostal minister, author and a frequent law-school lecturer. Host Gloria Penner talks to him about his amazing past, his transformation and the death penalty.


  • Rev. Billy Neal Moore , former death row inmate