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Will Little Children Win a Golden Globe?

We talk with filmmaker Todd Field and novelist Tom Perrotta about their Golden Globe nominated film, Little Children, starring Kate Winslet.

Will Little Children Win a Golden Globe?

Tom Fudge: Tonight, the Golden Globe awards will be given out in Los Angeles for TV and Movies. And one new movie that’s been nominated in three categories is called Little Children .

This movie tells the story of a convicted pedophile who is released from prison. He comes home to live with his mother in a comfortable suburb of Boston. The man, named Ronnie, has his photo posted all over town by a local citizen’s group, and he is reviled by the whole community. But we soon learn that the troubles of the people in this movie have very little to do with Ronnie. In fact they have everything to do with their own obsessions and frustrations.

Little Children has been nominated for Golden Globes for best film, best actress and best screenplay. 

Little Children is currently playing at Landmark’s Ken Theater.  Little Children has also been nominated for three Golden Globe awards for best film, best actress for Kate Winslet and best screenplay. The Golden Globe is on tonight at 8 p.m. on NBC.


  • Todd Field, actorand filmmaker. His latest film is the critically acclaimed Little Children, starring Kate Winslet. 
  • Tom Perrotta, novelist and screenwriter. He co-wrote, with Todd Field, the screenplay for Little Children , adapting it from his novel of the same name.