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A Customer-Friendly IRS

As one of the most despised government agencies, the IRS wants to hear what you think of them. We ask Gary Lundberg, a local volunteer who acts as a liaison between taxpayers and the IRS, why he chos

A Customer-Friendly IRS

Tom Fudge:  In a couple of months, it'll be time to get our annual income taxes filed and squared away.  So this is the time of year when we all get a little closer to the IRS. It would take a very strange person to love the tax collector.  But the IRS is concerned about its image, and it wants to at least appear to be customer-friendly.

Gary Lundberg is a member of the Taxpayer Advocacy Panel of the IRS.  It's his job to hear people's concerns and act as a liaison between the taxpayer and the IRS.


Lundberg and other TAP members can be contacted at (888) 912-1227 or .  Taxpayers who want another contact for specific tax problems, other than filling out forms, should call (213) 576-3140.


  • Gary Lundberg, advocate for the IRS's Taxpayer Advocacy Panel

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