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Assisted Suicide Bill Moving Forward

A bill to legalize assisted suicide in California has once again been introduced in the legislature, and this time Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez is behind it. Host Tom Fudge speaks with one of the bil

Assisted Suicide Bill Moving Forward

The right to die is a movement that has passionate proponents all over the country. if not all over the world. But in the U.S. Oregon is still the only state that allows physician assisted suicide.

Members of the California Legislature have tried, without succes, to pass assisted suicide bills. They're doing it again this year. But now the difference is they have a powerful ally. Assembly speaker Fabian Nunez, a Catholic, has chosen to, quote, buck his Church, and support the bill. Most people agree that the speaker's support gives the Legislation a much better chance of becoming law.


Joining me now to talk about the right to die and the new Legislation is one of its sponsors.


  • Lloyd Levine, Democratic assemblyman representing Van Nuys. He is co-sponsor of AB374, which would legalize physician-assisted death in California.
  • Ted Mazer, M.D., president of the San Diego County Medical Society. Dr. Mazer is also a trustee of the California Medical Association.

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