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State Seed Money Launches S.D. Stem Cell Research

While the federal government struggles over the morality of embryonic stem cell research, California is forging ahead. On Tuesday’s Full Focus, we’ll talk about the $13 million in taxpayer funded se

On Friday, the state announced the first round of grants for work involving human embryonic stem cells. The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine is doling out $45 million in grants. $13 million is going to San Diego researchers.

The big award winners locally are: Burnham Institute for Medical Research, UCSD, Salk Institute for Biological Studies and The Scripps Research Institute.

Guest host Joanne Faryon talks with a local researcher about how the money will be used and the hopes for new breakthroughs.  



  • Evan Snyder, director of Burnham Institute's Stem Cell and Regeneration Program